Obsessed with Sewing Once Again

I don’t know exactly what happened that restarted my obsession with sewing this summer.

Thinking back it must have been Instagram and a post by Purl Soho. I love Instagram. I followed Purl Soho when I started knitting again last December. I didn’t realize the store also carried fabrics. They posted a simple sleeveless tunic top made of linen with the shoulders gathered by a piece of cord, and instructions on how to make it. I immediately found an old bed sheet and made it up. It was awful, but I realized how much I still loved sewing!

Then I saw a post about Nani Iro double gauze. “What’s that?” I thought. I started googling around quickly became obsessed. I ordered a yard from Soho. I ordered a Japanese dress book from Amazon. I scanned the internet for other easy things to make. That’s when I found the Craft Sessions post on Simple Sewing 101, Part 1 – Tops. I did this. I got as far as the Alice top, making several of each pattern, all the while searching for more patterns and more fabric and more people with the same passion. I found makesomething.ca. Everything Karyn makes is exactly perfect! I visited my local quilt shop where I hadn’t been in (10?) years and they were now carrying a small selection of apparel fabrics and patterns from Grainline.

How did I miss this movement? In Maine this summer I was bowled over to find Clementine in Rockland and Alewives Fabrics in Nobleboro right there under my nose. I’m completely obsessed. I am using every free moment, of which there are few, to continue my journey, hopeful I will have something wearable very soon. Maybe even this afternoon!

Thanks to the amazing people behind Craft Sessions, Make Something, Squam Art Workshops, Purl Soho, Alewives, Clementine, Grainline, While She Naps, Sewing Out Loud, Crafty Planner and more for the inspiration and reintroduction to a hobby that I had forgotten.