My Top 5 Misses of 2016


  1. Alice Top by Tessuti in seersucker. I made the XS after the size small muslin came out a bit large. Looks like a tiny child’s dress on me, and is not slightly flattering.
  2. Basics Top by Cali Faye. I used a Cloud 9 double gauze. The problem was that I sized down to an XS, but must have printed the pattern at <100% because it was much smaller than the size small muslin I made first. Love this pattern and will return to it come spring.img_2029
  3. My two tries at Dress S in the Stylish Dress Book 2. I am drawn to little girly styles but could not pull this off.
  4. Washi Dress. Just. Could. Not. Finish. It. I realize now that this empire style does not work out well for me.
  5. Wiksten Tank. This was perfection, but my choice of an octopus printed quilting fabric keeps me from wearing it. Going to get better at choosing wearable fabrics.

My sixth months of sewing in 2016 were all about learning. My misses were lessons in printing and assembling pdf patterns, working with the confusing layered patterns of the Stylish Dress Books, selecting wearable fabrics, handling delicate fabrics, fraying, sewing with elastic thread, picking, flat neckbands, and much more. Happy sewing! Here’s to more misses in 2017!