5 Reasons I Lost My Sewjo (Hint: Sandwich Generation)

Life got in the way, and I lost my sewjo.

Here’s why:

  1. Ailing parent. Everyone who cares for an ailing or elderly parent knows it cuts into available time and mental space for creative work.
  2. Sandwich generation. When a parent is ill, and begins to rely upon you for critical care and support, the walls close in. With children and parents to care for, the person in the middle loses any formerly available time and ability to choose their own activities.
  3. Toxic boss. Throw a toxic boss into the mix for even more stress.
  4. Teenagers. They don’t drive and they need rides, everywhere!
  5. Laundry. The teenagers make so much laundry which is then stored in my sewing space, which make the space uninviting at best.

The Upside?

The upside to this is that I picked up knitting again! The Roku hat caught my attention, and I knit three while sitting in various rehab facilities and nursing homes with my parents, contemplating next steps. I learned to knit continental style via YouTube tutorials to better handle the rib knit. The knitting offered great comfort in stressful situations.

I also got up close and personal with elder care and what is available in this country and what that care costs families. I experienced hospitals, nursing facilities, assisted living, memory care facilities, case managers, and home health aide agencies. Some exceptional, others horrifying. I consider this an upside only because knowledge is power. With my knowledge perhaps I can help others facing these often sudden situations of need and guidance.

I am looking forward to some changes and improvements to my routine in the coming months. Those changes will include a revamped job, a cleanup of my space, and maybe the return of my sewjo!

If I can help anyone navigate the elder care journey with their own loved ones, just ask!


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